Cherry Hardwood

Cherry Wood Flooring Houston

Cherry hardwood flooring Houston is naturally lustrous, with medium density and close, dense grain characteristics. Structurally, it is lower on the hardness scale than other hardwood options, but remains a popular choice thanks to its gleaming beauty. Cherry wood tends to lighten over time with exposure to both natural and artificial light, which can elicit latent reddish and golden tinges that enhance its appearance.

American cherry wood flooring is available in two major varieties: sapwood and heartwood. Cherry sapwood tends to display a light yellow pallor, while cherry heartwood has a robust, greenish hue. Engineered cherry flooring can be custom-treated to alter its color according to your preferences.

Beyond its considerable beauty, which many consider its primary appeal, cherry hardwood flooring offers the following advantages:

  • Hypoallergenic: Cherry flooring won’t trap dust and other airborne pollutants, helping to maintain higher levels of indoor air quality.
  • Easy to Clean: Unlike carpeting, which requires regular vacuuming, cherry flooring can be kept clean with regular sweeping or dry mopping.
  • Solid Investment: As with other types of hardwood, cherry flooring can boost your home’s resale value. In many cases, the investment you make in cherry hardwood flooring can be recovered down the road in the form of a higher home sale price.

Because cherry flooring is softer than many of its hardwood cousins, it requires extra care to maintain its natural beauty. Special varnishes, polishes and treatments can enhance its durability, or you can use it primarily as an accent wood or a flooring feature in lower-traffic areas.

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