Design Tips

Flooring Design

Designing a new look for your home can be daunting. There are so many choices, themes and colors. Some are too boring, too clean, too cluttered, too daring and just not you. Learn how to create a fresh new look that fits with your lifestyle and reflects your personality.

Here are just a few simple design tips to kick-start your home makeover:

TIP 1: Create a Focal Point

Whether it be an armoire, entertainment console, piano or fireplace, create a floor plan designed around that piece. It will center the room. Neutrals always make a great canvas for a room with bold furnishings or other elements that you may want to be the focal point of your home.

TIP 2: The Fifth Wall

The floor is the fifth wall to any room. Don't ignore it! Give your room character and presence by choosing a floor that works with your design.

TIP 3: Tile Style

Most tile collections have special tiles for creating designs and decorative borders within a tile pattern. These options can help you to easily put together an exquisite, detailed look for your home. But what do you do if the tile you love doesn't have matching trim pieces? Well, suitable replacement trim tile can usually be found. But don't overlook stone, wood, or metal trim that can also provide a clean finished edge and a uniquely stunning accent to your tile design.

TIP 4: Sizing Up Your Options

Patterned rugs will visually decrease the size of the room because the eye is drawn to the pattern. While solid color wall-to-wall carpet will increase the visual size of the room.

TIP 5: Color for the Mood You're In

A room that lacks natural light can be warmed by sunny, bright yellows, oranges and reds. Cool color s such as blues and greens can add a serene feeling to a bright room. Vibrant lively color s are good for family rooms, kitchens and areas of entertainment. More formal rooms are flattered by elegant palettes of pastel.

Did you know color is the biggest decorating decision you can make? Learn more about using color to brighten a space, make a room larger or create a serene atmosphere when you visit Home Emagination.

*Bonus Tip - Color Selection

Color can have a significant effect on a room. Lighter colors can brighten up an area or enhance a small space. While dark colors can add a cozy, rich, luxurious feel and create a stunning and dramatic look in a room.