Frieze Carpet

Frieze/Twist Carpet

Your home is not just the central hub of busy schedules. It is the place in which you relax together, enjoying the sophisticated, elegant or natural surroundings you have constructed for your family. Frieze carpeting is an ideal addition to homes of all kinds, and is particularly well suited to active lifestyles.

Frieze carpeting, also known as twist carpeting, is the perfect combination of durability, ease of maintenance and attractive design. The twists of the frieze carpet’s fibers are at the highest level: approximately 7 to 9 twists per inch (TPI). The twisting style of frieze carpet gives the pile a matted or worn look, but the carpet is anything but worn looking. Instead, the knobby, textured characteristics of the frieze style gives casual living areas the appearance of extreme comfort, and accentuates the understated elegance of a dining room or bedroom suite.

Frieze carpeting wears very well, hiding footprints, vacuum marks and virtually any kind of traffic pattern due to the curling pattern of the twisted pile. Choose from a wide range of colors to beautifully offset your home’s wallpaper, fixtures or furniture.

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