Hickory Hardwood

Hickory Hardwood Flooring Houston

Hickory hardwood flooring shares many characteristics with maple, as these tree species are intimately related. One key difference, though, is hardness: hickory is considerably harder than maple, offering superior impact resistance and durability.

Native to eastern regions of North America, especially New England, hickory is prized for its density and toughness. It tends to be knotty, making it an excellent choice if you’re aiming for a natural, rustic look. Like maple, hickory floors come in a full range of tones and colors, including deep, luxurious browns on the dark end and golden blondes on the lighter end.

Hickory wooden flooring offers many advantages, including:

  • Visual appeal: With tight, straight grains and a textured character, many people consider hickory flooring to be among the most aesthetically appealing hardwood options.
  • Ease of care and maintenance: For upkeep, hickory requires only sweeping and dry mopping, and the occasional application of a protective coating to help it maintain shine and gloss.
  • Outstanding durability and impact resistance: Hickory hardwood floors can last a lifetime when properly cared for.
  • Excellent acoustics: Thanks to their high hardness ratings, hickory floors are capable of deadening footsteps and neutralizing vibrations.
  • Value. Hickory floors can add significantly to a home’s resale value, making them an excellent home improvement investment.

Like maple, the color of hickory flooring can spot and alter from exposure to either artificial or natural light. In addition to a regular protective coating, it is recommended that you treat hickory with an ultraviolet light protectant to maintain an even, natural color.

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