Maple Hardwood

Maple Hardwood Flooring Houston

Maple hardwood flooring Houston offers residents an elegant and timeless appearance that complements any home style. The definitive characteristics of maple flooring include a gentle, smooth texture with tight graining that is typically even and straight. For a more creative look, however, maple hardwood is also available in wavy, less even textures.

Hardness characteristics should be examined closely when considering various maple wood options, as some maple species are properly considered softwoods. The most common types of domestic maple hardwood flooring are black maple and hard maple; other species, such as red and silver maple, are much softer. This makes them less resistant to wear and impact—so they require more intensive maintenance and upkeep.

The advantages of maple hardwood flooring include:

  • Durability: If you choose a hardwood maple flooring that has been kiln-dried and meets high quality standards, it can last a lifetime.
  • Versatility: Maple is available in a range of tones, from neutral beiges and chromatic greys to rich reds and deep browns.
  • Ease of care: Maple floors usually require only sweeping and mopping, though it is recommended that you regularly apply a special protective coating to help them maintain their original brilliance.
  • Superior acoustics: Hardwood floors neutralize thumps, thuds and vibrations, making them quieter than other options.
  • Beneficial effects on indoor air quality: Maple hardwoods are naturally dust-resistant, helping you control airborne irritants and combat indoor air pollution.

Maple hardwood floors are available in a complete range of colors and tones, though most of them tend to be richer and darker. Be careful, though, as prolonged exposure to bright light can alter the color characteristics of maple flooring. It is recommended that you apply a sealant to neutralize the effects of both natural and artificial light.  It is also suggested that you tilt your blinds upwards during harsh sunlight hours to avoid direct exposure.

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