Marble Flooring

Marble Flooring Houston

Marble flooring is most often associated with monuments, expansive banquet halls or large, European-style courtyards. Marble is an example of a metamorphic rock, a natural stone that is non-porous and easily polished to a high sheen. The ornate quality of marble does not have to be limited to opulent, Renaissance landmarks, however. Choose marble flooring Houston to showcase the classic sophistication of your own home, no matter what size or style of your dwelling.

Marble is an extremely dense stone, which translates into a very durable floor with significant scratch- and burn-resistance. With longevity and attractiveness combined, the versatility of marble is one of its greatest selling points. The raw beauty of the stone is unmatched; the natural variance in colors and patterns is unique and part of its charm. Marble flooring can lend a feeling of richness to the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, fireplace surround or any other living space.

The smooth, refined finish of a marble floor is easy to maintain, even in high-traffic areas. Sweep the tiling on a regular basis to remove surface dirt and to prevent scratching. Apply a damp mop, using a small amount of a gentle dishwashing soap as needed to remove mud or other sticky substances. Attend to spills immediately to prevent the likelihood of staining.

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