Patterned Carpet

Patterned Carpet Houston

Carpeting is a functional floor covering that lends warmth and soundproofing to your home, and carpets are increasingly seen as a decorative feature, as well. As a focal point of the living room, bedroom or hallway, patterned carpet accentuates the details of your décor and provides a cohesive look for rustic, modern or retro interior design styles. Patterned carpet Houston is a popular choice for high traffic areas that demand both comfort and functionality.


Printed carpets are made with leading-edge technology, which allows manufacturers to screen or jet print an image directly onto the carpet pile. Patterns and designs may be pre-printed onto the pile before the carpet is constructed, or the pile may be post-dyed after yarns are affixed to the carpet backing. Patterned prints are available in virtually any color and design. Choose a larger print pattern for spacious rooms; reserve smaller prints for smaller, cozier areas to keep from overwhelming the eye.

Constructed Carpets

Constructed patterned carpets contain single color fibers, pieced together through a combination of techniques that create a pattern. Both cut pile and loop pile fibers are used to achieve a patterned look. Patterned carpets are often plusher than either cut or loop pile alone, giving you a softer feel underfoot while adding a luxurious look to your décor.

Patterned carpet Houston are a smart choice for living areas that are designed to be a visual centerpiece of your home, but also require comfort and livability. Contact Flaherty’s Flooring America today to learn more about our patterned carpeting options, or to request an estimate for your next carpet replacement project.