Plush Carpet

Plush Carpet Houston

The term "plush" conjures up images of opulence, luxury and comfort. Plush carpeting takes this mental image to an even higher level with its soft pile, smooth finish and formal style.

The technical term for plush carpeting, "cut pile," refers to the construction process in which the rug’s fibers are sheared open at the surface to reveal a smooth, level height. The smooth texture is what makes plush carpeting soft and enjoyable to walk on. Plush carpeting boosts your home’s elegance factor, and remains the most popular carpet style for formal living or dining rooms. Cut pile is also an ideal choice for bedrooms, since it is known for its cozy warmth and softness.

The five categories of cut pile carpeting include:

  • Velvet
  • Saxony
  • Frieze
  • Shag
  • Cable

Plush carpeting, such as Velvet or Saxony cut pile styles, features a lightly twisted fiber with a slight fray at the ends. The carpet’s loose twist contributes to its cushiony feel and smooth texture. Cut pile carpeting maintains a uniform color throughout, and offers high durability. Select plush carpeting to impart a sense of indulgence and classic, understated beauty in the more formal areas of your home. Unlike the “trackless” features of rough frieze or firm Berber, a plush cut pile carpet displays footprints and indentations sustained by routine vacuuming.

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